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Our Impact

10,000 +


SwingPals has been experienced
by more than 10,000 students since launching

80,000 +


Hours served by volunteer coaches, board members and families



Including donors, sponsors, and believers of SwingPals


Building Up Our Future Leaders

6th Grade

SwingPals works with 1,000 6th-grade students each year. Through our unique programming, students develop self-confidence, coping skills, and courage in a caring environment. Due to the success of our work, SwingPals is now experienced by every 6th-grade student who enters one of our partner schools during their PE elective. Students graduating from the school program may then participate in SwingPals at the Hillandale golf course which is the precursor to the student’s enrollment in the 7th & 8th Grade - Student Leaders program.


7th & 8th Grade - Student Leaders

During the 7th and 8th grade program, students continue to develop the skills learned during 6th grade; Foundation, Focus and Concentration, and Balance. In addition, SwingPals Student Leaders are coached so they may become mentors in school, sharing their newfound skills with their peers and school staff.


High School

SwingPals Student Ambassadors are students who have come through the SwingPals middle school programs and are now in high school. They continue to set an example of leadership, integrity, and character for our younger students. We aim to prepare our students for the next steps in their journey, whether that be college, trade school, a job, or other opportunities. 

Mindfulness and Leadership

A significant part of the SwingPals program is mindfulness and emotional regulation. Our methodology is backed by science as we coach our students to focus their minds, achieve emotional balance, respond positively to stress, and assist students with decision-making and confidence. 

Our program demonstrates how synchronicity of the heart, mind, and body assists learning, goal-setting, and relationship-building skills. 


Community Service

Durham is a very diverse city with a range of nonprofit, education, government, and business organizations working to improve our community. Our SwingPals Student Leaders engage with professionals in these different sectors and learn about the unique parts of our community and the importance of giving back. SwingPals organizes a few service activities each school year just for our Student Leaders to gain experience working with a team and contribute to making change. 



A Holistic Approach

By actively involving school staff in the Educators Program, SwingPals ensures that teachers are equipped with the skills to support students' social and emotional growth. The engagement of parents through SwingPals+ further amplifies this holistic strategy, creating a connection between the school and home environments. This multifaceted approach recognizes that a student's well-being encompasses not just academic success but also emotional resilience, interpersonal skills, and a genuine sense of joy in their life journey.


Hear From Our Students, Parents, and Partners

"Thank you so much for all you do, and everyone associated with SwingPals. My son Jatovi has really grown as a youngster learning a lot of values from SwingPals from behavior to loving golf. We have plenty to talk about when I pick him up."

 - Mr. Jones, Jatovi's dad - Class of 2029

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