Neal Middle School

"I think Swing Pals has been great for our school. Our goal is to connect every kid with meaningful adults outside of the school day and Coach Ocaly and Coach Hodges have been wonderful with our students. The kids have enjoyed learning the game of golf and I can see them having a little more confidence in themselves because of their involvement in the Swing Pals program.  I really enjoy the partnership and appreciate everything that Swing Pals has offered our students. The students love the various activities to learn the game and also love seeing their pictures up in the school playing golf."  - Michael T. Fuga, Principal


Lowe's Grove Middle School

I was so excited when I found out that my students at Lowe’s Grove would have the opportunity to learn how to play golf in middle school.  I truly believe that our students are learning patience, responsibility, and follow-through by playing golf. Patience:  You have to learn the game and practice to get better. Responsibility:  You have good shots and bad shots, but however the ball rolls it is your shot. Perseverance: In life there may be people better than you, but you have to keep playing to get to the best “you.” I am so proud when I see my students in the lobby after school waiting to go to the green!  I often think; “If only I had that opportunity in middle school. What could I have done.” Tekeisha Mitchell, Ed.D.


Sherwood Gihens Middle School

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James E. Shepard Middle School

"It has been absolutely wonderful to have SwingPals at James E. Shepard IB Magnet Middle School this year.  From the first class through the graduation ceremony, the students know they are cared for and valued.  Some students are hesitant about golf because it is a new sport to them, Coach Hodges and Coach Ocaly make sure that all students are comfortable and authentically engage them.  Students pay careful attention to not only the golf instruction but the life lessons on focusing on both short and long term goals.  Students leave the SwingPals sessions excited and eager to share what they have learned, it is something special to gain a level of mastery of something like golf for students who had almost zero prior knowledge about golf.  The SwingPals program has enhanced our student’s school experience and because of SwingPals they feel comfortable trying new things and know that with practice they can become successful."  - Micah Copeland, Principal