Doug Hodges, PGA

Executive Director and Founder

"I am firmly committed to the vision of a world in which every child feels valued and respected, free to pursue their passion and fulfill their mission."


Dan Hill

Board Vice President

"SwingPals is a unique approach to earning the trust of middle school students. Doug Hodges' commitment to using golf as a vehicle to impact young teens' lives in a positive way is impressive. As a society, we need to find ways to help these students have the desire to excel and grow into productive and successful individuals."


Stephen Morton

Board President

"Every person deserves to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.  This goal can only be met by being exposed to opportunities that offer a perspective outside one’s current experience.  SwingPals offers multiple paths to this goal with a special focus on establishing the parameters and requirements of participation, strong focus on encouragement and most of all a focus on self-improvement."


Jan Doyle

Board Secretary

"I became interest in the SwingPals program because it has a different approach to help children recognize and reach their greatest potential for a more fulfilling life.  Thinking outside the box with programs such as HeartMath to improve the emotional health of a child is so important in building character.  Seeing the children gain the confidence to step up and try new things is very gratifying.  It just warms your heart to see these children blossom into confident, caring, and responsible young boys and girls."

Copeland Headshot 2017 R1.jpg

Micah Copeland

Board Member

"I'm impressed with the mission and work of SwingPals. It is very special to see the work that takes place with students and I wanted to provide support and guidance to make sure this amazing program continues to positively impact the lives of young adults in Durham."

Margo Photo.jpg

Margo Dayal

Board Member

I am a proud supporter of SwingPals because of their amazing programs for students in need. SwingPals provides students with the time, tools, and mindset to be able to set and accomplish their long term goals. This builds confidence and resilience in students all while learning a new sport."

Jordan Jeter.jpg

Jordan Jeter

Board Member

"I am serving on the SwingPals board because I know how much of a difference the organization makes in the lives of young people. SwingPals is an extremely special charity and being a part of it is very special to me."


Mary Edgerton

Board Member

"I am excited to work with an organization who is actively committed to empowering young adults in Durham. SwingPals' use of gold as a medium to develop mindfulness and self-regulation equips children with meaningful tools to be used on and off the golf course."


Edward Dudley

Board Member

After learning more about the mission and seeing the amazing work that SwingPals was doing for our at risk youth, I knew immediately that I needed to be a part of the organization.  My commitment to partner with SwingPals was solidified after spending 2 hours at one of the schools observing how our youth were engaged.  Doug’s passion and commitment to the mission and to our at risk youth is simply infections.  I’m honored to serve side by side with Doug and the entire SwingPals family to make a difference in the lives of our youth.”

James Bick.jpg

James Bick

Board Member

"SwingPals’ intentional focus on the emotional empowerment of at-risk youth fills an underserved need. Using golf as a platform shows promise both in effectiveness and reach. My role is to help accelerate this promise to help more kids more effectively."