Our Misson


SwingPals' mission is to build a foundation of health and strong character in children facing adversity. SwingPals uses golf as a medium through which students develop mindfulness and self-regulation skills, empowering them to pursue their passion and fulfill their potential to create positive change in their community.

SwingPals' goals are that all students:

  • To impact the life-long health and wellness of our students
  • To develop in each student a deep sense of integrity and personal character
  • To ensure all our students are successful through high school and have an opportunity to enroll in college
  • To create student leaders and ambassadors who will facilitate change in their school community

SwingPals uses the following principles to guide our work:

  • Serve children who face economic and social adversity.
  • Promote and support mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • Vulnerability is at the core of learning and growth.
  • Celebrate mistakes, not fix them.
  • Character and integrity endures.
  • Success derives from hard work, not talent.
  • Guide students on their journey, not ours.
  • Balance acceptance and change.


What We Do

SwingPals is an urban youth golf program that supports children facing adversity whom often enter middle school with little or no hope of fulfilling their personal potential. SwingPals selects inner-city schools where the need is great for student and family leaders to cultivate, grow, and maintain an environment whereby students take personal responsibility for impacting their community for the benefit of others.

SwingPals offers each student:

  • first-class golf coaching that empowers the child to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new,
  • mindfulness, emotional regulation, and self-awareness coaching,
  • help to develop improved health and character, and
  • tours of local universities and resources to assist with college access.

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Who We Serve

SwingPals specifically seeks out and targets children who are most at-risk in Durham, North Carolina. SwingPals chooses to focus on the schools where sustained impactful intervention is needed. We work with students from four public schools with the highest rates of free or reduced-price lunch and the lowest test scores statewide.

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