SwingPals is a great program, my son Daquan enjoys playing golf very much and has learned a lot about the sport. His self-esteem has improved tremendously, his confidence level is at an all-time high and he is no longer shy. Golf has improved his concentration and his focus is better on his tasks. Daquan says he loves golf and he loves to see the ball in the sky like a bird.” - Daquan’s Mom

SwingPals Student Ambassadors are students that have come through the SwingPals middle school programs and are now in high school. This program is brand new as of August 2016, and we are very excited to have these students set an example of leadership, integrity, and character for our younger students. We are continuing to improve and expand this program and we aim to prepare our students for the next steps in their journey, whether that is college, trade school, a job, or other opportunity.  

Mindfulness & Leadership

SwingPals students who graduate the middle school program continue with SwingPals 2 times per week through 12th grade. Through continued exposure to HeartMath technology, and exposing our students to a mindset of consistency, structure, and personal responsibility, they improve their prospects for a productive and fulfilling future. Students continuing with SwingPals in 9th grade become SwingPals Student Ambassadors in school, at home, and in their community. Our Student Ambassadors playing a pivotal role in their middle school of origin, returning regularly to mentor their younger peers, thereby helping all middle school students to have the opportunity to develop their mindfulness skills, regardless of whether they continued in the SwingPals after-school program.

College Access

Some of our students join SwingPals already interested in college, while others know very little about it. Our goal with our college access program is to teach our students about the opportunities available to them if they decide to further their education at a community college or university. As part of this program, we take our students on field trips to local colleges where they receive official campus tours, eat in the student dining halls, and spend time at the golf course. While we recognize that not all of our students are interested in this path, we feel it is important to share this educational information so that they can make informed decisions for their future. In the future, we hope to expand this part of our program to include college advising and application assistance.