Corporate Team Building @ The SwingPalsHUB

The SwingPalsHUB is the crucible in which we teach students and corporate teams how to improve their communication, confidence, and performance.


The SwingPalsHub offers a team building program for corporate and civic groups looking to:

  • create openness with each other

  • build trust

  • enhance communication, collaboration, and creativity

  • develop better focus

  • deliver improved results

Tap into the potential of every individual in order to improve personal and group performance. During your team building experience, your colleagues will be given scientifically proven tools so they may develop mindfulness, self-regulation and awareness, and leadership skills. The combination of physical activity, group discussion, and interaction with SwingPals students is engaging and illuminating. Teams should arrive ready to step outside of their comfort zone...and have fun!


Bring your group to Hillandale Golf Course for the best team-building experience in the Triangle.

A typical team building afternoon includes:

  • Lunch

  • Coaching at the range with a PGA professional

  • Perform to your Potential workshop from a licensed HeartMath Coach

  • Time with SwingPals students

  • Group discussion and debrief

Non-golfers are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Contact Doug Hodges, PGA professional and licensed HeartMath Coach at to book your experience.



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