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“ We help children with less resources, who are facing social
and economic adversity, to live happy and healthy lives”



As a SwingPals coach, you'll gain leadership skills, build personal resilience, find the ability to be present, be mindful, and learn how to experience emotion.

Ready to build meaningful relationships?


Corporate Team Building & Partner 

Looking to build trust, develop better focus, create openness, and tap into your potential with your team? Learn more about our scientifically proven methodology technique

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Your gift supports and provides resources for underserved students and families in Durham, NC. Learn more here:

SwingPals is built on the foundational principle that by developing a sense of safety and confidence in their abilities, students will be able to live healthier and

happier lives.

 By experiencing first-class golf and mindfulness coaching, as well as community-focused service projects, students develop mentoring and leadership skills and connection to others, giving them the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and challenge their status quo.


I love how SwingPals can cheer me up whenever I'm having a bad day, or just make my day in general.
No matter what had happened in school or my personal life, I could always come to SwingPals and have people to talk to and have a great time doing something I've learned to love. SwingPals has definitely improved my personal and social relationships with people. I've been able to be a lot calmer and even more confident with the skills SwingPals has taught me. It helps me focus and calm down, no matter what's going on, whether it be nerves or stress. SwingPals has had a tremendous impact on how I interact with people and my relationships, and without it, I would have never found my true passion and love for golfing, which is something I never thought I would enjoy until I picked up that plastic club
for the very first time in that little gym at my school.” 

 Kayleigh, Lowe’s Grove Middle School

“Every day we tell our students there are many people in the community who care about them - you are one. Thank you for being on the SwingPals team.” Coach 


Let’s Work Together

 SwingPals, Inc.  |  A 501 (c)3 organization         

 SwingPals at Hillandale Golf Course,

1600 Hillandale Road, Durham, NC 27705     

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2994,

Durham, NC 27715

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