Sixth Grade

SwingPals works with sixth grade students at all four middle schools--that's almost 800 students--teaching them the basics of golf and emotional regulation. For this program, we go into the middle schools and work with students during their P.E. class. Each student receives five sessions in the gym, followed by a series of trips to the golf course at the end of the semester to prepare them for the 7th and 8th grade year-round program. Scroll down to read about the different components of the Sixth Grade Program.


Mindfulness & Leadership

A significant part of the SwingPals program is mindfulness and emotional regulation. We use HeartMath® tools in classroom instruction and activities to teach our students to focus their minds and achieve emotional balance. The Smart Brain Wise Heart™ program teaches students how to respond positively to stress, and assists students with decision-making and motivation. This program demonstrates how synchronicity of the heart, mind, and body assists learning, goal-setting, and relationship-building skills. 


Golf Course

After our sixth graders finish the S.N.A.G. program in their P.E. class at school, they are invited to Hillandale Golf Course for one afternoon with our coaches. This gives students a chance to learn about our 7th and 8th grade program, including the HeartMath®, college access, and community service components.


Student Leaders

Upon finishing the Sixth Grade Program, SwingPals students are able to enroll in our 7th and 8th Grade Student Leaders Program. This grants our students the opportunity to engage with their fellow middle school classmates and spread the SwingPals message of integrity and strong character. Click the button below to learn more about the program.